The rabbit below is zazolUktamukhI f. N. of one of the
Ma1tr2is attending on Skanda MBh.
zaza m. a hare , rabbit , or antelope (the markings on the moon
are supposed to resemble a hare or rabbit) RV. &c. &c. and is
connected with Germ. {haso} , {Hase} ; Eng. {hare}.]
zazakAdhama m. a miserable little-rabbit Hit.
zazorNa n. the hair of a rabbit or hare Siddh. L. Buddh.
Sanat-kuma1ra is paired with Vaivasvata as the seven and
four.  subhadra = Sanat-kuma1ra one of the four mind born
subhadra(%{su4-}) mf(%{A})n. very glorious
or splendid or auspicious or fortunate RV. MBh. BhP. a form
of Durga1 Hcat. ; N. of a younger sister of Kr2ishn2a and
wife of Arjuna (she was forcibly carried off by Arjuna from
Dva1raka1 wish Kr2ishn2a's permission ;Sanat-kuma1ra
vivasvat mfn. shining forth ,
diffusing light , matutinal
(applied to Ushas Agni &c. ;
%{sadane@vivasvataH} , `" at
the seat of Fire "') RV. VS.
Ka1t2h. ;of the
seventh or
present Manu (more properly
called Vaivasvata , as son of
Vivasvat) RV. viii , 52 ,  
m. N. of a R2ishi RV. ; metron ,
of the eighth Manu (son of the
S3un by Su-varn2a1 q.v. , and
therefore younger brother of the
seventh Manu or Vaivasvata ;

Both lunar and Solar
are related to

1. Svayambhuva Manu
. Savarna Manu
2. Svarochisa Manu
Dakshasavarna Manu
3. Auttami Manu
Brahmasavarna Manu
4. Tamasa Manu
Dharmasavarna Manu
5. Raivata Manu
Rudrasavarna Manu
6. Chakshusa Manu
Rauchya Manu
Vaivasvata Manu
Bhautya Manu
sUryavaMza m. the
solar race of kings (i.e.
the royal dynasty of
Ra1ma-candra , king of
Ayodhya1 , hero of the
Ra1ma7yan2a , who
was descended from
Ikshva1ku son of
Vaivasvata Manu , son
of the Sun [1244,1] ;
many Ra1jput tribes still
claim to belong to this
race ; it is one of the
two great lines of kings ,
the other being called `"
lunar "' see
Kshiti7s3. Buddh.

candravaMza m. the lunar
race of kings (2nd great line
of royal dynasties , the
progenitor of which was
Soma the Moon , child of
the R2ishi Atri and father of
Budha [Mercury cf.
%{candra-ja}] ; the latter
married Il2a1 , daughter of
the solar king
Ikshva1ku ,
and had by her a son , Aila
or Puru1ravas ; this last had
a son by Urvas3i1 , named
A1yus , from whom came
Nahusha , father of Yaya1ti
; the latter had two sons ,
Puru and Yadu , from
whom proceeded the two
branches of the lunar line ;
in that of Yadu was born
Kr2ishn2a and Bala-ra1ma ;
in that of Puru came
Dushyanta , hero of the
S3akuntala1 and father of
the great Bharata ; 9th from
Bharata came Kuru , and
14th from him S3a1ntanu ,
who had a son
Vicitra-vi1rya and a
step-son Vya1sa ; the latter
married the two widows of
his half-brother , and had by
them Dhr2itara1sht2ra and
Pa1n2d2u , the wars of
whose sons form the subject
of the MBh.) (cf.
    Bhadra-ca "with the moon"   catur-vyApin mfn. relating to
4 (persons)  four mind-born sons of Brahma {sanaka  Sana ,
Sanatkuma1ra , and sa-nandana