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The constellation's of Orion and Canis Major both use the same sign for the phonetic
Us. As in P-usha and Punar "Vasu" both Ush and Vasu share the same guni root.
These constellations were held as auspicious, so many signs came out themï¿¿ like the
phrase Vasu Dvi (two Vasu's)or Deva. The link 29 on the front page or link to the right
shows all the signs I found for Orion. The constellation Orion below is actually just to
the right of Canis Major. The dictionary below has Ishv-agra thus Agrahayani is the
name of the Nakshatra Mrigasiras that is a close match for the sign of a field below the
square with four lines going through it (top and bottom seal on the left).The Vedic
people used the stars in their dating system and this date became famous
Ish-us-tri-kanda the threefold arrow (Orion).
link 29