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The Indus Valley is on the far right of the map below. The area of the Andronovo increases after the start of the
down fall of the Indus Valley before 2000BCE. After completely asimilating the Elamites the Persian's record first
being on the Haravita river (named after Saravita river in the Indus river system) that is still in Afghanistan
(Andronovo). After the collapse of the Indus nation this view holds that the Vedic people settled with the
Andronovo before moving down into Elam (Iran ), Mesopotamia, Greece  and Europe. The Sanskit speakers
that may have been a hybrid from an early Andronovo culture would have naturally taken refuge with there
nearest neighbor, until population pressures forced migrations on the people. Andronovo and the Indus Valley
share a common technology in metalugy.  This would have changed the language again by these two
Indo-European evolutions combining and then spreading. This is where the Indo-European war machine became
an Indus-try. Note the large area that both Srubnaya and Andronovo occupy this area can be compared to the
Indus Valley and early Andronovo. The Srubnaya and Andronovo are practically identical cultures in
archeaology. The Srubnaya culture asimilates the Yamanaya culture. I believe the Yamanaya were the early Celtic
culture (the substraite language), because of the simalarity between the Indo-European Celtic and Tacharian