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                   Sanskrit dictionary has the constellation Aquila named Saravana, same name as theVedic month of
July-August.The Indus employed another system much like what we call our zodic calendar, with 12 constellations divided
through our 360 degree view of the heavens. Dhan the Archer, Sanskrit horiscope word for leo the constellation. I have
only found three horiscope constellations, other signs I found that I felt were employed, but I have no way to prove it
outside the regularly used sentence structure that form dates, where these signs were used only as phonetics. The heart
shaped sign below, I found was used as the sound du as in Du-Du Danishtha a festaval and date. On the seal below
Danishtha is spelt first with the constellation for Dan the archer (Leo) and then the eight dashes sign. Eight is spelt Ashtha in
Sanskrit, thus Dan+Ashtha=Danishtha the 26th Nakshatra.  In the seal below the du sign is repeated and than the signs for
Danishtha. Du in Sanskrit means the love of daughters, this was the only spelling of a Nakshatra that did not employ the
sign for it's constellation some where in it?  In the Sumerian seal we find the same sequence where the heart sign means Du
in the Sumerian writing. The last part of the seal is the constellation Mrigasiris where Mriga means any four legged animal.