It was the use of mula, (explained on Metal and writing in the Bronze Age Indus Valley ) that relates to mleccha (the southern region of the
Indus Valley and mleccha that means high grade copper) that started my search for the incriptions below.  Below the incription on the left is from a seal
the two others on the right have the same glyphs on one side but different pictorial image on the other, they are copper plates.  These copper plates
were an official edit made for ceromonial events.  These events were held on Vedic dates that were in turn held according to Jyotis (the science of the
movments of heavly bodys; sun, moon, planets, on the background stars).  I thought mula meaning copper that is the color red would be an easy find
because mars is historically famous for it's redness.   The difficulty came in deciphering a mleccha language date, although the language was a form of
Sanskrit and parts of it were kept in the vast Veda, I found the meanings were kept circumstantially.  For instance Kamsa the word did preceed the
Mahabharata war (Uncle of Krishna after the great war of the Bharatas that means India), Krishna conquerors both Kamsa and Naraka.  Both Naraka
and Kamaza are attendents of Kubera and all are deity's where Krishna was a historical prophet. Through out history the conquered were always
erased, for at that time they were precivied as an enemy of the conqueror. Kimnara (like the Naras) reckoned among gandharvas. Vishnu-Krishna "
destroyer of the (Daityas) Madhu , Mura and Naraka. The first seal has the glyph of Mula inside a cup with unbrellas on top, then the glyphs of Bhadra
(there are two Bhadra glyphs and two constellations Uttara and Purva Bhadra). Below to the right Kamsa = Mula + Bhadra this is what I meant by
circumstantially, kaMsa is a vessel made of metal for drinking, below Rudra's jar is a recipticle for water used to make oblations to the planets and
Rudhira (red) is the planet Mars. Kamsa is identified with Asura Kalanemi and kalanara is "a time man" (in astrol.) a man's body with the various limbs
representing the signs of the Zodiac. Kalantara is a "interval , intermediate time" and a "venomous at certian times" an animal venomous only  when
enraged or alarmed ( this sounds like Asita, kalanatha is "lord of time" N. of Siva MBh.).These findings on this page are reinforced by the cross
references on the next page.
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