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Below number 5, both seals have same inscription the 5th and 6th glyphs from right to left = Vakra; crooked , curved , backward motion,
retrograde (said of the planets) and Vakra =  (v.1 %{cakra}) a partic. musical instrument la1t2y. Thus on the one seal there is a man
holding a cakra  and on the other a woman with her legs spread apart thus ran:ku = fornication, adultery (Te.lex) as a modifer of the crab
(mula) between her legs (mula = mllech copper = mars the red planet) and she is upside down vakra (Explained at the end of the next
page). The Medha glyphs to the right and above Vakra, the first seals on the left are Purva-Ashadha, under it Uttara- Ashadha.  The seals
to the right all have the Medha glyph from Azva-Medha, horse-drunk, so I was looking for a prefix 'horse' that fit the context of the original
meaning .
Above #3 one side has the Guru glyph, same glyph found on a tin ingot with the X glyph guru-pattra (tin
ingot).  Below all the seals have the same pictorial meaning the two bigger ones have the same two glyphs from
the constelation Viskha (Scorpio).  The first glyph is a pictorial image of the constellation Viskha the second is
a variant of the same glyph (Vis - va).  These seals represent the "supreme being" Vishnu and his prophet
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