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                   The 24th constellation of the Sapta system is Satabhisha. All the constellations of the system were
named after the prophets of the Veda, Satabhisha was  the 8th prophet commonly known as Manu. Manu was the
greatest of the Vedic prophets or the most celibrated. He was the prophet of the flood ( the Vedic Noah story )
same story as the Mesopotamians had and the Chineze that had signs for the men before the flood. With the
Biblical version, that makes four accounts of Noah from the most ancient of our civilizations. By following the V
below down that line is the celestial equator the ecliptic is the X broken line with arrows. The Asvins are the start of
the Sapta callendar they are at the head of Aries. The Sapta callendar was made with respect to the alinement of
today or a date close when Polaris lines up.