Ajaka ;  N. of a descendant of Puru1ravas ; of a king of Magadha ; (%{akA} a young
Ajaka ;  a flock of goats
ajak-Sira ; goat's milk
Sira I believe comes from the root su ( to shine ) this is not orthodox gradation with the
Indus script you have determinants that change the orthodox gradation, like Rebus or
sounds like. Below Surya from the root su this glyph often appears before the Dvi sign
(companion) dvitIya, dvitIyavat . This glyph would be opposed to EkIya Belonging to the
same party associate, companion. abhi-sara a conpanion and abhi-sara ,  anu-sara
following a companion this has to do with the node of the moon  Samgita %{-Sara} ,  
%{-sarvasva} ,  sung together or in hormony