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The Nakshatra is the oppisite of a zodiac callendar. The zodiac is taken by the constellation behind the sun at 12 oclock in
the morning. The Nakshatra is at 12 in the after noon. Chitra below is the 12 degree today opposite 1 degree thus spring.
Mrigasiras is summer today and it is winter below. Here again the precession of the equinoxe, how old is the Veda?   200
years ago this would have been out of alignment.
Note Bhadra the season is without the suffix pati and in the seals it is with out the pati and replaced with sapta. Bhadra means
throne and Bhadra Sapta means the throne of the famous 7 prophets, it is a religious way of writting Bhadra   (of  two seals
Bhadra Sapta is the one on the right).